Saturday, February 9, 2008

And the Odyssey begins...

So, we are finally here; after all the months of waiting and prepping. But now I have to inprocess, which will take about a month to do, and in the mean time, I can't do my real job. That's bad, because, for now, I don't know whether or not I'm on a good squad yet, and I'll have to be running around to everywhere, which is annoying. It's also good, because it means I have a predictable schedule to spend time with Becky.

But there's other news also. It seems as though Becky and I have made friends in the two days we've been here: the Heard family. SPC Heard was my sponser while we were in Maryland, and we've hung out a couple times (Becky and I with him and his wife), and we all seem to get along together. They have a couple of dogs, a German shephard and a Belgian shephard, which turned out to be very well trained, and big babies to boot. Becky and I really like the apartment they live in (even though it's on post), and we might look at one in the near future. I hope I end up on Heard's squad, so we can continue to hang out, and also because I heard it's a good squad. I don't know if I will though, because his squad doesn't have the least amount of people on it. Oh well. Here's hoping, anyhow. But, since it's 5 something in the morning, now, I think I'm going to go.

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