Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween costumes

I do not usually dress up for Halloween, and often Josh is working. This year we have several party invites, so we are discussing costume options. I hate wigs, heavy makeup, plastic clothing, and wearing thrift store shoes. Kara and I had the predictable but fun idea to be a clan of vampires- the Meyer variety. We can wear posh clothes and shimmer and make our faces pale. Easy, cheap, and culturally relevant. I know it is not a supremely creative plan, nor is it ironic, so some people may find us pathetic... but I think it would be fun. And if I hang out with Kara's cat for a few hours pre-party, my eyes will be red. How deviant of me.


- painstakingly keyed for your enjoyment via becky's iPod

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A gift I remember

In some ways this post was conceived from those cliched writing prompts given to fifth graders and bloggers without a cause.

One of the most memorable gifts I have ever received sits on my bathroom counter, holding synthetic brushes and that eyelash "comb" that most women own but (let's be honest) find fairly useless. It is a light sage mug covered in gold script. I am terrified to wash this mug. It was given to me by those who attended the bridal shower thrown just before graduating from Wooster.

There are messages both silly and heartfelt from some very special people. I see it every morning and evening, and allow myself a few moments to reminisce and to think of the lovely people who gave me this special gift.

More proof that money does not buy happiness, but friendship grants you an abundance.