Thursday, June 5, 2008

In our "backyard"

I am about 95% certain that the birds nesting in the trees behind our apartment areEuropean Magpies. They are beautiful, but can be noisy! Just a few minutes ago, I was standing by my balcony window, and one perched on our railing and stared at me! They are bigger than you might expect, but even more beautiful up close. I'm glad that I've finally identified the mystery birds that share our backyard.
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Erin Harmer said...

There's an old Irish superstition that when you see a Magpie, you have to salute him and ay 'Hello Mr. Magpie' or you will have bad luck. In addition, where you find one Magpie, you'll often see more and so the rhyme goes 'one for a girl, two for a boy, three for sorrow and four for joy', but you have to be able to count them in the same scene (not hold on to the three you saw yesterday and count it all joy today!). They LOVE bread crumbs, by the way. :-)