Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Date Night

We had a pretty fun evening, watching rented movies and creating a new recipe for our cookbook. First we watched 10,000 BC, which I had seen before (sometimes the cable movie channel is alright, after all). Josh really enjoyed it, as I suspected he might. :o) It looked really awesome on our new television (thank you, extra tax rebate)... the clarity was wonderful. We watched the alternate ending and I think we both preferred it overall- if you've seen the movie and the alternate ending, what was your opinion?

After an accidental two-hour nap, with the puppy right alongside of course,

we decided that it was time to tackle our dinner plan. We wanted to make chicken fried rice, but had never done it before. Thanks to our love of Miyako (really, any hibachi restaurant), we were able to concoct a really delicious version of fried rice!

We were both quite proud of our work and relished it while watching The Devil Wears Prada, which surprisingly enough, Josh had already seen! I greatly enjoyed the movie, and it was fun to watch something we each knew the other would enjoy. All in all, a very fun evening!

Speaking of films I've seen recently, I'd like to recommend A Mighty Heart to all readers. Keep in mind that it is a true story, and I thought it was very moving- what I'm saying is, if you tend to be emotional you may want to be with someone when you see it. Or maybe you don't like it when people see you crying; then, watch it alone. Either way, go rent the film! (Incidentally, if the latter describes you, also see P.S. I Love You on your own!)

Besides the fact that Angelina Jolie is completely amazing, the story is an important one. Mariane Pearl has long been a person of interest to me, as she has been writing a monthly article for Glamour magazine. Her theme was "Global Diaries: In Search of Hope"; the articles are now compiled into a book, which I recently bought and am anxiously awaiting.

Photo courtesy of glamour.com

I was always touched by her writing and by the intensity of the issues that she brought to light each month. After seeing this tribute to her, and her husband Daniel, she is my new hero. She is an incredible woman and I'm really enjoying learning more about her. I remember quite some time ago, while the movie was being made and before she began her Global Diaries, Glamour did an interview with Mariane Pearl and Angelina Jolie together. The interview was fabulous, but what really stuck with me was Mariane's incredible compassion, her love of all people, and her desire to make silent voices heard. Just in one interview, all of that came through. So, now that I've waxed poetic about my new heroine, I strongly suggest that you check out the film, read some of her articles, or even get your hands on the memoir that she is currently writing...once it comes out, of course. I don't expect you to pull a Devil Wears Prada move and get the seventh Harry Potter book before it is published. :o)

Have a nice day.

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