Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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Kym, blogger for EarthDog (see posts below for praise of their products!) has tagged me in the seven random and weird things about me blog chain. As these bits always require extreme concentration from yours truly, please continue to read in appreciation of my effort!

1.I have a highly overactive imagination, to the point that ANY ominous music in ANY television show or movie fills me with dread and horrible images flood my brain. This is why I so vehemently refuse to watch so many films or shows; they always lead to nightmares.
2.I love ice skating, and when I was young I thought I could be a speed skater. I would dart around the rink (at least I felt like I was going fast), leaning in and imagining that I was in the Olympics.
3.I can isolate each toe and wiggle it separately.
4.My driver’s license says I am legally blind without corrective eyewear, and I do not dispute this claim.
5.I avoid country music, but maybe not for the reason you’d imagine- it almost always makes me cry.
6.I feel more at-home and relaxed when I’m in a city surrounded by thousands of people I don’t know, than I do in the small town in which I grew up.
7.I have an obsession with Urban Decay eye makeup. Maybe in a different life I’d be a makeup artist.
TAG! the following bloggers are it:

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here are the rules for my fellow bloggers:
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* share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some weird.
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