Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eine Kleine Augenblick

Here are a few of the moments I've neglected to blog in recent months, visited in photographs.

~ We visited Luxembourg with Katie and Matt. It was a very foggy day and there was a protest going on, following us down the road. We saw a gorgeous cathedral and impressive gorges.

~ I went home in November to visit my family and some friends. I rode with cargo on an Air Force plane. I remodeled the extra room at my parent's so it is now a guest room. Margaret came to visit and we toured Baltimore and Philadelphia.

~ We explored a few of the December Christmas markets. Here are shots from Saarbr├╝cken and Kaiserslautern.

~ We had our first live Christmas tree, which subsequently died and left dry pine needles all over our floor. I made the cards we sent out this year- a labor of love, for sure.

That should do for a catch-up. More to come... we've got a big month ahead!

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Yining said...

oh, and I so love the homemade christmas card =)