Saturday, February 28, 2009


I just spent about two hours trying to make improvements to this blog. I've added topic tags, so if you want to know what I consider annoying (doltishness) or how often I allude to the weather in Germany (weatherbug), those topics are but a mouse click away!

I'd really like to change the look of J&B in Germany. When you read a blog, what kinds of features do you enjoy? What kind of layout is appealing? I'm going to work on this in the coming weeks; I'd -love- to hear your suggestions.


Margaret said...

looks good! You might consider putting in an embedded Flickr box that will show your photostream:

Josh & Becky said...

Love the idea, how long does it tend to take to upload on Flickr? I'm sick of waiting for photos to upload, five at a time- I hope Flickr is more efficient than some other sites (ahem myspace, facebook, and even picasa).