Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Organizational Paradigm

Today I am working on my new Tickler file, which was first brought to my attention by a Glorious Generalist from Chicago. A tickler file allows for customized, total organization based on daily tasks and filing for down-the-road events. I love that I can reuse the system components- no need to feel badly about throwing out a pile of dated pages from a typical planner.

I could not find a suitable option for a file holder locally, so I chose this little beauty at staples-dot-com and asked my mother lug it to Germany. It's lightweight and fairly compact, thankfully. So far, the files fit easily with plenty of extra space to expand.

The idea is to place all future to-do items, including everything from doctor's appointment reminders to birthday cards, into the folder for the appropriate day, month, or year. I can organize the things I should not forget, for as many years in the future as I require. The only folders that need be replaced regularly are the yearly folders, and I'm not too concerned about throwing out one file folder per year (after it's turned inside-out and reused, of course).

I was warned that any expectation of spousal enthusiasm may be unwarranted, but so far Josh is not really objecting to the *new organizational paradigm*. I guess we will see how he responds after "forgetting" to get the oil changed, and I mention that he should have checked the tickler file a week ago for a reminder... yes, I can see that this might not work for both of us. I'll be glad if I have an idea of what should be accomplished, so for now I'm going to press forward and make the most out of my Tickler File. Though perhaps I should name the thing- calling it "tickler file" just feels awkward.


Margaret said...

This is great! I'm glad that it's working for you. I didn't check mine for a few days when I was out of town, and got totally forgetful. So definitely takes some maintenance I guess....

Yining said...

why is it called a tickler file? the name doesn't really make sense. but, I'm glad that it's working out for you =)