Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sushi is the new Schnitzel

At least it is in my book.

One of my favorite things about Europe, at least this area, is that you can find really excellent international foods even in relatively small towns. It was hard to find consistently delicious sushi in Frederick, but not so in K-town! Kara and Steve took us to Zum Wok for dinner, and only Euro 16,90 later (about $25.50 these days, ugh) we were enjoy filling, fabulous sushi and sashimi. Josh tried sashimi for the first time tonight, and he seemed to be at peace with it once it was down the hatch. :o)

I love a good schnitzel, especially when it is accompanied with some hearty kase-spatzel (cheese noodles), but a girl cannot live by carbs and fat alone. We cannot wait for our belongings to arrive, in part because we have a full set of sushi-making supplies that we are eager to use with our friends. Hurry up, shipping company!

Speaking of friends, thank goodness for all of the awesome people we have met here thus far. We are really lucky and thankful for everyone who has opened up to us. It makes the move that much easier.

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Anonymous said...

KT had ahi last fall when uncle guy came to town. Ahi is raw spicy tuna. IT must have been quite an experience for josh trying sashimi for the first time. I am glad things are going well for you two, and that yall are settling in pretty easily. Keep me posted on what ya'll are up to. It must be exciting to be over there. I love to live vicariously through ya'll...lol.