Thursday, April 3, 2008

Short Updates

Hello all, just a few notes since we haven't written in over a week, I believe.

~ Our car is confirmed as "in transit," which means it's somewhere on the Atlantic, most likely.

~ We may take our trip to Ikea tomorrow, although it's hard to go through with it because the exchange rate is so awful.

~ We are doing another 5K this Saturday! Hopefully we will each improve upon our times.

~ There is only one cardboard box left in our apartment. There are lots of things strewn about the floors, however. This is mostly the case in the red room. The trip to Ikea will fix the problem.

~ Auto insurance is a huge rip-off over here. You have to insure your vehicle for over 2 million EURO. Nuts!

~ Josh improved his qualification score at the latest range, so kudos to him! He also got this (funny-looking) new badge for his uniform because he's been doing his job for a while, or something. Either way, two new things for the uni, sweet. Way to go, babe!

~ I (Becky) am headed back the the states in just a few weeks. I'll be in IL, PA, NJ, MD, and possibly OH. This will be for a good portion of the month of June. Let me know if you are around so I can visit you!

I think that's all for now. Of course I'll put any photos from our second 5K on our page. Who knows, if we get our act together on this set off (Josh's days off) we might even set up our master web page, with links to all of these other pages. It will probably be easier to just remember one page to visit, instead of multiple things. Don't you think?

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