Monday, April 14, 2008


Just a few things, as we are quite predictable of late.

Becky bowled a 110 today, her highest score to date. Josh is finishing up a class at the moment, and should be cruising right along toward his Associate's degree in the next few months. Becky and Josh have lost about 25 pounds combined in the past month. Becky is going to do her third 5K on April 25th, Josh sadly cannot participate due to work scheduling. Becky is also going to a job fair later this week, but is feeling kind of down on the whole process after hearing horror stories from friends who are trying to get jobs, or in some cases, friends who have already been hired.

Waiting for things is what we do best these days. Waiting for the car. Waiting to get the dog. Waiting even for mail and packages to arrive. It is getting easier, but it's still a lot of waiting, when you put it all together. :o)

Lastly, SHOUT OUT to our wonderful friends, whom we miss very much! :o(

(We miss you, too, family!!)

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Yining said...

congrats on the weight loss and the 5ks. That's awesome.

I miss you guys!!!