Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No, it's true, we are still alive and thriving.

Am I the worst blogger in History? Quite possibly.
Je suis vraiment desole. (With accents.)

Right, now you can guess that I'm trying to pick up a bit of French. Italian is in the queue, and if I can understand basic questions and provide elementary responses by the time we leave for vacation in four weeks I'll be overjoyed.

But to business; and explanation is in order I suppose. Not an excuse, just the honest reasons I haven't been writing.

1. We moved. I don't know if I've written since that fiasco, but I'll just say that the Process of Moving is awful. An international move was somehow easier than the trip from an apartment to a house fifteen minutes away. This is probably because someone else paid for everything to be packed and shipped and loaded and unloaded in the first situation; this time we ended up frantically moving heavy boxes and cleaning for 20 hours a day, several days in a row.

2. We had a party. A housewarming barbecue, to be exact. Obviously it took a lot of effort to get our home to look comfortable and presentable for our guests. The party was really fun and I'm glad we were able to throw it prior to the departure of some of our friends from Germany to the states.

3. We had to watch our shows because when you have a DVD full of action-filled goodness you can't stop watching. Friends was nearing the end, Smallville had all kinds of crazy stuff going on, and of course there was So You Think You Can Dance. So yeah, television ate our brains and free time... of which there was little due to point FOUR.

4. Work. My job is honestly fabulous; a little chaotic just now, but great. We just opened a new branch and I'm feeling quite useful and much more knowledgeable than in the past. Also, co-workers are fun. May I just stress how pleased I am that Josh is finally back on the day schedule? I would like to especially emphasize this point: shift work is for the birds. No, actually, birds are too nice to deal with the crap of shift work. Shift work is for arachnids.

5. Oh speaking of arachnids, did you know that they can grow to be AS BIG AS MY HAND? Because they can, and then they can find their way into my house and cause me to lose my mind in a constant panic-stricken, nauseated, fearful state of being. Yes, it's that bad. Even now as I type, I check for spiders every few lines. I need therapy, but those spiders need to die.

I believe this should clear up some of the reasons for my absence, although I do have one last confession: the log-in page for Blogger is all in German and for some reason that bothers me immensely. I can read the simple instructions, but seriously... it's just not inviting right now. I'm so silly sometimes.

As soon as I find my media reader card (or alternatively the cord to connect the camera to the Mac), I will update with some photos of recent events. And I really will work on writing more frequently. I can probably pull myself away from re-watching the new DVD releases of Scrubs, Smallville, and The Big Bang Theory. Hah!

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Margaret said...

Wait there are spiders that big there? That's horrible!

Happy to see you blogging again. :-)