Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Case of Worms

I'm happy to finally be able to add this to our written record. I was officially promoted and given a full-time position as of last Saturday. I won't bore you with the details, but I'm pleased to have gotten a small raise and to have more responsibilities.

There are only 18 days until we leave for vacation, and once our trip is finished there will be only a week until Corrie arrives to live with us. We made it through August!

We went to see "The Proposal" tonight- well actually, I (Becky) have seen it twice now. I almost never see movies in the theater, and to see one twice is a big deal. I love that movie! Betty White steals the show, but the entire cast does a terrific job and the comedic timing was priceless. Plus, aerial views of Alaska are always nice between scenes.

We found out Maggie was sick with an intestinal parasite, and it was by far the grossest thing I've ever researched. I've been terrified of tapeworms since I was about eight or nine and I saw some public television special about the horrid things, and now I feel like I am filming True Life- My Dog Has Worms. Ugh. Luckily there is very little you have to do once you discover the wretched things are leeching off of your pup, so now we're just waiting for a follow-up appointment to get the all-clear. We'll get Trixie checked, too, never fear!

I've been writing about insects way too much lately; this is a sign that I am dealing with them too frequently in real life. I need to change this trend.

This past weekend, our village had it's summer carnival- Kindsbacher Kerwe. We didn't go (maybe next year!) but as I was getting ready for bed, I could hear a band and people singing some kind of folk-type song. I imagine they were drunk on Bitberger and happily sloshing their way past the rose gardens, but perhaps I'm romanticizing the whole affair. Regardless- those voices carried!

Nothing more to share tonight. Alles gute.


Muppet said...

Someone tell me why I haven't been following this blog all along!

I miss you guys so much!

Josh & Becky said...

I don't know, but I'm glad you're here now! I'm also stoked that you are blogging.
We miss you too- when are you going to come and visit us?!